Sarah Taiwo – Eri Mi Fara Han

Gospel singer, Sarah Taiwo releases a new single titled, “ERI MI FARA HAN” in Yoruba language; spoken in the Western part of Nigeria; meaning, my testimony, come forth. Just a few weeks after she released her debut single, Sarah Taiwo comes out with this Afro highlife groove; Produced by George Daniel.
Sarah Taiwo is a teacher by profession. she corrently serves as a vice principal
in a secondary school.
In her words, some years back, I had this burden in my heart over some pressing needs and I was believing God for a miracle. So, one morning, during my quite time, I received the song; and I had that assurance that God had done it. Hallelujah. It’s your time for a testimony.


Eri mi o, agba iyanu
Eri mi o, yara fara han
Eri mi o, eri to peleke
Yara fara han
Aye mi ma nreti re 2x

Farahan mi o, kojo too lo
Ireti pipe, ma nmokan sako
Waye miri o, aye mi ma nreti re
Bujade fun mi koju ti ota mi

Repeat Chorus

Iwo eri mi, eri to peleke
Iwo eri mi, eri rabata
Iwo eri mi, to ju riti kolelo,
Tete Fara han, aye mi sile fun o

JESU kristi o, Oba iyanu
Saanu fun mi, ranti mi si rere
Wafun mi layo kogo mi kobuyo
Tete se fun mi
Kaye le mo pe moni o

Repeat Chorus

Iwo eri mi, teti koi gbori o
Iwo eri mi tenu koi tii so
Eri mi o, eri jaburata
Tete wa mi o
Kaye gbokiki re

Repeat Chorus 2x
Coda 4x


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